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Welcome to the Adrenaline Multigaming Clan, a place for players to play competitively in teams but also to chill with your friends!

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Hello my name is Flump I am one of the maddest and sickest kids around no one can compare,  If you want to be friends with me you must prove yourself to me by uninstalling fortnite or league of legends. 

Message me I am always up for a bit of cheeky GMod role play

Hope to see you around dickhead, GL in the future no one will ever compare to me

Your Faithfully, Flump xx

PS. This is a very gimpy boy 


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Hello, and welcome to this amazing community. From your picture towards the end of your post I have seen that he is a very handsome young man. As you know I am a huge fan GMod roleplay, I can help you along the way of becoming a master of roleplay, we will be like Anakin and obi juan kenobi making it to greatness. There is also a fall back in your post where you have used profanity. This is a child-friendly community and do not wish for you to be saying mean things like that. If you would like to hang out and be involved in some Porn hmu :). Hope to see you around. Cya dickheads.

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Well thank you for the welcome into this outstanding community that I am very excited to be a part of. I have received  a warm welcome which has proven to be how wonderful and amazing this community is. I would also love to play G Mod role play with a world renowned master of the aspects of the game. However, you commented that there is a fall back within my post where I used profanity in my previous post which I apologise for and I will work towards bettering myself but I did find that you said "Cya Dickheads" which contradicts what you just said to me about profanity. I hope that you take this and use it to improve on yourself and become a better person. Also I would like to "Hang out" if you know what I mean ?

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Hello again, I would also like to repeat my self and give you a warm welcome to the community. You said towards the end of the post about me saying "Cya Dickheads". The rule of no profanity for the community doesn't not apply to me as im exempt to that rule as I am the master you know well as obi juan kenobi. I do not take statements directly so If you wish to speak to me please contact my PO's (Personal assistants) who are Mace Windu MaceWindu@warsstar.jedi and Ki-Adi-Mundi@warsstar.Jedi. 


Yours Faithfully

Obi Juan Kenobi

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